Who Is MRMS?

MRMS is a South Florida based company specializing in feminizing supplements for the crossdressing and transgender community.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

MRMS has had a couple of incarnations. We were a full-service crossdressing store from 1996-2003. We were one of the first stores on the internet specializing in clothing and accessories. Since then, we have taken a break and are back with an all new look and focused on feminization supplements made here in the USA and sold under the name A New You.

How Are Your Products Made?

We source the highest quality ingredients for our proprietary formulations, tinctures and creams. We use bovine glandulars from Argentina which have been strictly processed for purity. Our herbal formulations are sourced from the US and Peru, and all of our products are manufactured by us in the USA.

Are Your Products Different From Other Brands?

As pioneers in feminization supplements for over 20 years, we believe we have the purist products which offer results. Our products are made in small batches and sold at the peak of freshness for maximum impact. We are proud to offer feminization products that are unique, and can only be purchased through us.